Randy Bechtold

Business Development Expert

I am a globally based Business Development Executive and Networking Expert with over 24 years experience in various sales positions and industries. My abilities include developing new business, qualifying prospects, and closing deals. I am passionate about helping teams in the crypto and blockchain space grow their business by connecting them with customers as well as help manage and grow their existing relationships. I also have a background in smart contract development by utilizing Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Originally from Los Angeles, I am an avid traveler that has currently visited 46 countries and growing.Starting back in late 2016 I stumbled across cryptocurrency and quickly fell down the rabbit hole. I have since become an educator, investor, and consultant in this space and I am extremely passionate about what direction everything is heading.In my spare time I love to surf and ski as well as DJ house music. Oh, and tacos are life!


I am a hardworking professional with over 24 years’ experience in B2B & B2C sales with a large focus on customer acquisition and account management. I am data driven, using it to grow and improve my personal and team’s sales process leading to achieving and exceeding sales goals in each job that I have had. I have successfully worked remotely for over 7 years, have founded, and sold (for profit) my own business and have closed multi-million-dollar contracts with Fortune 500 companies in multiple roles that I have had.I began 2020 still working for a fully remote start-up company, Remote Year, as a program consultant. I lead my sales team achieving 300% of my goal by working through and improving the Remote Year sales process, best practices, and systems. I worked with both individuals, selling our travel itineraries, as well as helping develop our new enterprise solutions (EST) product. Unfortunately, after having our best month in sales, both as a team and personally, Remote Year was gravely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and had to cease all operations.
Although I was devastated that Remote Year shuttered, I never shy away from a new challenge and I quickly pivoted my career and joined an old friend on his new business venture selling PPE at SentryPPE. As the National Sales Consultant with SentryPPE it was my job to locate and target new potential business through various research methods. I was in charge of cold calling potential new business, creating relationships to ultimately secure a signed purchase order. I found instant success and after 3 months with the company I secured a 65-million-dollar nitrile and vinyl glove purchase order with one of the largest global fast-food chains. After careful thought and consideration, SentryPPE decided to cease all sales and further business growth to solely focus on this one large account. I was excited by the opportunity to help grow a new business from the ground up and elated with our ultimate and quick success and I am ready to do the same with another team.
Prior to Remote Year I spent over 24 years working in various sales executive and business development roles. In 2014 I founded my own company, JRB Sourcing, which focused on helping small businesses procure better pricing and manufacturing of their products from overseas and utilizing the Amazon FBA platform to reach their highest sales potential. After 5 years of building up my business, I was approached with an offer to buy that I could not pass up.I find that my success in sales comes from my fearless attitude and ability to connect with all people through my upbeat personality and outgoing nature. I make my clients feel confident in their decision to work with me and continue to nurture the relationships long after a signed contract is received. I have had my outgoing personality (and strong sales ability) since I was a child helping bring “delicious & nutritious” products like Zooroni to families across America in the 80s. (https://youtu.be/_5PFkdUF6KA)I have been seriously involved in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space since back in 2016 when I bought both Bitcoin and Ether. I guess you could say I “went down the crypto rabbit hole” very quickly and never looked back, reading and researching everything I could about the entire industry. I have done both short and long term trading as well as helped better educate many of my friends and colleagues about what I think will be an enormous opportunity now and into the future. I live, breath and sleep crypto, and want to utilize all of my skills to help grow other teams into a massive success.


Feel free to contact me for any business development opportunities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.Accepting international customers and flexible with time zones.Mobile +13108491262

Sales Achievements

Recently signed a $65 million dollar contract with a Fortune 500 food company all starting from a cold call.Booked appointments with 10 of the top restaurant brands in the world helping them procure needed PPE equipment during the pandemic, all from cold calls.Broke sales record at my previous employer, Remote Year for bringing in the most accounts after graduating sales academy in Month #1.First consultant in Verengo Solar’s history to close a deal on the final exam of training which set the record for fastest sale from date of hire.Managed and sold luxury suite contracts at Staples Center in Los Angeles worth over hundreds of millions of dollarsWas consistently the top sales consultant on my team for over 6 years while working at Staples CenterSold my personal Amazon FBA business in 2019 for a solid profit