Randy Bechtold Work Anywhere Digital Nomad Daily Routine

This blog post has been a long time in the making for me.  As I have been traveling around from country to county and trying to work and be responsible all at the same time, there are obviously many challenges and distractions that can make things difficult. Having the freedom of working from anywhere in the world is my most valued possession currently, but with this freedom comes huge responsibly to create a work/life balance which can be extremely difficult.

For me personally, I admit to the fact I easily get distracted by many things in both my work and personal life.  And I am also the first to admit that for me, sticking to this exact routine everyday is just about impossible, as I typically keep a pretty social lifestyle and like to go out and have fun much more often than not.

Because of this, I have made myself a personal deal that in order to balance this out, I need to have a solid productivity routine in place.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to one of my favorite words, BALANCE. So having the ability to work when needed and have fun when you can, a daily routine now makes it possible.  The trick for me, however, is to implement my routine slowly over time and build it up so that I don’t burn out or get discouraged and quit, as this can and will happen if done improperly.  My advice, start slow and build it up over time, don’t go extreme right from the start.

One thing I had observed by working for different companies over the years is the busy factor, the art of looking busy to make others think you are busy.  For example, I would see former employees come into the office super early, leave late, not take lunch, etc… all to make it appear as they were just so busy.

Unfortunately their energy is completely misguided and becomes a form of laziness….

What I have come to realize is now the complete opposite.  They were not working any harder than anyone else, using unnecessary energy looking busy rather than using this same energy to their advantage.  Let’s face it, you have a job to do, a set goal you need to accomplish for you or a boss.  If you finish your task in 5 minutes or 5 hours should not matter, as long as it’s done properly and with the right focus.  Make sure your goals are clearly defined from your manager, (that is a good manager’s job by the way).

It’s working smarter, not harder that is the real trick to life.

If you can figure this concept out and actually customize this for your own personality, you can become extremely efficient, much more than you would being busy “just to be busy.”   One thing that I have felt strongly about ever since I left my comfort zone back in LA to travel and work full time is your daily routine and what you need for yourself to allow you the opportunity to be successful.  Everyone will have a different routine as they need to be personalized to what works for you and what doesn’t, focus on strengths, stay away from weakness, etc…

Randy Bechtold Work Anywhere Digital Nomad Daily Routine

I will always remember a recent podcast on the Sam Harris Podcast (episode #84) which featured Kevin Kelly as his guest.  He is an extremely smart guy and considered a pioneer in the tech space, and he mentioned something that really stood out to me.  The most important thing we can do to prepare ourselves for a successful future is “learning how to learn”.   And for “extra credit”, the real trick is to learn how you personally learn best yourself.  Optimizing your own style of learning, that is truly the superpower that you want.

So this, at least to me, means that only you know yourself, what truly motivates you, your strengths, your weaknesses, etc…  and if you can just really make sure you not only understand all of this but really learn how to tap into this so that you can learn how to optimize your day, you can really make a huge difference in the way you work and your productivity.

I have been studying this for myself for the past few years now, compiling a list of things I feel are absolutely necessary to be included in my daily routine, things I need to remove, and the exact process it takes that work best for me.  I had also recently heard another podcast on the Tim Ferriss show where he interviewed Debbie Millman (episode #214) where she speaks about an exercise discussing what her exact day looks like and what does your life look like, from details like where you live, what possessions you own, what career you have, your relationships, your health, really EVERYTHING.

Start from the minute you wake up to when you go to sleep.  Dream BIG.  Make a list of everything you really want to have come true, with full honesty and hold nothing back.  Write it all down and write like your life depends on it.  Be as detailed as possible as it really is the ultimate visualization project.

Randy Bechtold Work Anywhere Digital Nomad Daily Routine

As a side note, if anyone does read my post and happens to get at all inspired by this exercise, please write to me privately or comment below and let me know about your routine in detail if you feel comfortable, as I am always interested in hearing about others and would be more than willing to share mine in detail as well.

I am going to start writing more consistently about my daily routines in detail on this site, as some take more time to talk about in detail with the hopes of helping to give others the chance to have them form their own personal daily routines.  I will be discussing things such as putting together your exact daily routine, what it includes, for example: meditation, working in specific time batches, exercise and sauna use, taking power naps, resources to help you gain focus, just to name a few.

I will also be releasing my exact daily routine from start to finish in a future post just so that people can see what it is that I try and focus on accomplishing each day with the hope that it can help others put together their own personal routines that best fit their lifestyle.

Good luck out there, I hope this posts helps you become more aware of just how important it is to have a daily personalized routine whether you are currently traveling and working or location dependent.

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